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PayPal ‘One Touch’ Instant Payment Feature for Android Launched in India

PayPal 'One Touch' Instant Payment Feature for Android Launched in India

PayPal One Touch instant payment feature now available for Android devices in India.

PayPal India has launched its One Touch instant payments feature for Android devices in the country. The feature uses Google Smart Lock to save your login credentials on that particular device, so you don't have to log in every time you need to make a purchase through PayPal, from that device. The feature is said to work only on Android devices for now. Customers will still need to go through the 2-factor authentication of their respective debit or credit cards.

If you have an existing PayPal account, you can simply head to your main accounts page, click Settings and head to the Security tab. Here, you'll see an option called “Stay logged in for faster purchases” and upon pressing it, you should see a button to enable One Touch. With this enabled, you should be able to get to your saved payment and shipping details without having to sign in every time you go to make a purchase online.

For those who aren't aware, PayPal is a payments platform which lets you link your debit or credit card for faster payments when shopping at supported merchants online. It's also used by businesses for accepting payments and one can transfer money to another PayPal account too, similar to other payment wallets. PayPal separated from e-commerce platform eBay in 2015, and has since broadened the scope of its services. In Q4 2018, PayPal added a record 13.8 million new active accounts. Its revenue at the end of December rose to $4.23 billion (roughly Rs. 30,000 crores) from $3.74 billion.

Speaking at the launch, Narsi Subramanian, Director, Growth, PayPal India said, “As payment systems evolve, it is essential for the platforms to simplify the process and render better user experiences for consumers while paying online. At the same time, it is critical that customers feel secure in making their transactions as well. The One Touch feature along with Google Smart Lock addresses both of the above and aligns with our vision of offering a frictionless payments experience.”

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